Assalammualaikum and Hai… This is one of suggestion from my friend to do this blog by using wordpress- You can go this website to create story-mory, gossips, share, promote, sales and etc. It’s like your own diary. Semua orang dah tau kot. Anyway, I have my own blog dulu by using Tapi, lupa pulak… Continue reading BLOG


I miss this guys very much. It’s been so long no time no see them… We reunite together at Royal yatch selangor. I did not realise this place was exist. So far place very good. Windy. Sampai nk tidur…. We are like kind of 1 Malaysia…. See those pictures 


Who said without television our life become miserable. Actually it’s not end of your life but good for us.   Knowledge became more expended. You read every page your magazine and newspaper without miss it. Why become you wake up 7am until 10pm just for sleep its long time period wait for the next day.   I… Continue reading Tv

Hari raya 2016

This year raya so many activities we did. Invitation from relatives, bbq and futsal. Best… I cannot describe my feeling for this year raya. Alhamdulillah I have a big happy family at both side. May allah bless us and follow next year much more better raya rather than this year. Amin


What the meaning scandal??? Scandal is disgraceful events or nasty gossip about people’s private lives. Yup…Scandal is bad attitude and can make worst relationship become harmful. Because of scandal marriage with someone you love and compliment each other become divorces and hated even you married with your beloved within 20 years. Because of scandal one… Continue reading SCANDAL


 Please don’t get me wrong. I am not get suicide by my husband. This I fallen down until fated n sembam muka at floor during tgh cooking. Lucky I am not fall down dlm kuali…😔😔😔😔..hhhuuuiishhh. Pray to allah thanks still give me alive. I realise I am in living room n my husband said I… Continue reading Bengkak